Welcome to GP3 Design, formerly Notionworks Design. GP3 Design is a solo operated creative consultancy utilizing creative thinking to solve business problems. I utilize design strategy, branding, imaginative reasoning and thorough research to create a roadmap that will help you achieve the goals set in your business. Subsequently, I will design all the necessary materials need to bring this strategy to life and fruition. In short, I collaborate with you to make your business succeed.

My clients consist of small to medium sized businesses and non-profits needing assistance with marketing and design. While most clients like to test the waters with their designers before handing them big projects, I jump into the deep end. My strength is implementing, managing and tracking multiple campaigns created to ensure your success. Let’s be real though, many expect instant results and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t happen that way. It took time to build your business to the successful venture it is now and creating the brand image you want of your company takes time as well. Rest assured, in the end you will have the tools that will accomplish three things:

  • • Clearly differentiate you from your competitors
  • • Provide confidence your business has the brand image that compliments your profession and sets it up for growth
  • • Equip you with the tools and marketing programs making sales easier and more successful.

This site is a preview and demonstration of my capabilities put to work. Through it you will understand the depth of research, thoroughness and care I take in helping my clients succeed. I look forward to collaborating with you.